Day 82: Sierra City

We had 21 miles to go to reach Sierra City from camp. We were out of camp at 7:30am and were immediately in the wind. We camped fairly close to the ridge line so as soon as we were out of the trees the wind hit us. We were moving at a pretty good pace though and got to our first water spot in under 2 hours, which is great since it was about 5 miles from camp.

After taking a break, snacking, and filling up our water containers we moved on. I grabbed 2 liters of water so I wouldn’t have to stop for a while since we were trying to get to Sierra City by 5 if possible. Most of the terrain today was downhill which definitely helped our pace. I told myself I wasn’t going o stop for lunch until after 1pm and would just open myself up and go as fast as possible until then. I sat down at the bridge that crosses Milton Creek, which is less than 5 miles from town, at 1:30pm. That means I had done 16 miles by that time. Pie joined me just a hair after 1:45pm and we ate our lunches and took a good rest.

Next up was the final stretch to Highway 49, most of which was still the flat or slightly downhill grade we had for most of our day today. We arrived at the highway around 4:30pm where we ran into Legend again. Senior Whiskers and Half Slow, who Legend is helping along the trail, had just taken off again. Legend gave us a ride into town and as I write we are in the process of figuring out our food and lodging situations. There is free camp in behind the church, a hotel to contemplate and a couple restaurants to choose from.


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