Day 81: 21 Down 21 To Go

Admittedly, I started today less than hydrated. That is a delightfully euphemistic way of saying I was a little hungover from having a few beers last night with our fellow hikers from Switzerland. Despite feeling slightly like a raisin, we were out of the Donner Ski Ranch hostel by 8:30am and back on the trail. We reached highway 80 in about an hour and a half and then it was time to start a bit of a climb. We reached Castle Pass a little after 11am and then dropped down a little to Peter Grub Hut, a small cabin operated by the Sierra Club that hikers are able to enter and stay in. We didn’t linger too long here, just signed the log and moved on. We had another little climb to conquer after the hut which we finished off and dropped down to a small spring to gather water for lunch. We moved on from the small stream due to mosquitos but only had to go maybe a quarter mile to reach a clearing with some rocks to enjoy our lunches on.

After lunch we had another 11 miles to reach a viable distance for tomorrow to get to Sierra City. We hiked until about 5pm when we got to seasonal Lacey Creek, which was our last water stop for the day and only about 3 miles from our chosen camp. We ate dinner at the creek and then filtered enough water to camp and hike to the next stream in the morning. After filling our bellies and our water bags we pressed on the last 3 miles to a camp area near the top of a ridgeline. A slight breeze at the camp area kept the mosquitos at bay but there was enough trees around to act as a windbreak for us. All in all, this was a very comfortable camp site.

Tomorrow, we have just under 21 miles left to get to Sierra City. That’s a full day, and normally we like to set up our town stops to be less but seeing by as its a Sunday we can’t pick up our resupply packages until Monday morning anyway so really we just need to find a place to crash for the night when we get in and take care of our food and supplies in the morning.


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