Day 80: Donner Pass

We got out of our camp at 8am and had a nearly immediate climb to go up. We reached the top of the first climb quite quick and had a snack near there. We then continued on to the next climb which was called Tinker’s Knob. I mention it only because it is an awesome name. We reached it and ate our lunches at the top.

From there we contoured or dropped for a while along another ridge where we could see on either side of us. Eventually, we dropped down a bit then back up to a ski lift and then started the descent towards the highways. The first highway we reached was highway 40. I stopped and sat next to a group of 3 other thru-hikers who were talking about some cute girl they met. Maybe 10 minutes later a girl Ina small SUV pulled up and dropped off 3 beers and 3 peaches them. One of them didn’t want the peach so I got a free peach while waiting for Pie to catch up. When he arrived maybe 10 minutes later he was askin about Donner Ski Resort and a restaurant. I said I would check and found they were only a quarter mile off the trail so we went there for dinner. Then we got to talking with some people and learned there was a small hostel and for $10 we got a bed and a shower! 

At the resort we re-met the hikers we had met from Switzerland, Mark and Marcus. They are awesome and their stories are amazing! Hopefully more on them later, because I love them.

Tomorrow will be hard to leave but we still have to go 21 miles so we will see.


PS “If you don’t feel pain, then you’re hungry.” -Marcus (Switzerland PCTer)

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