Day 78: Leaving Lake Tahoe

It’s always nice waking up in an actual bed, but also a little bitter sweet knowing I won’t see another one for about a week. Regardless, after waking up around 7:30am we headed out for a nice big town breakfast (sure beats my daily oatmeal). After filling up we headed back to the hotel and packed our packs and Pie talked to the hotel owner to get some recommendations on taxi cabs to call to get back to the trail. After learning the cabs would be at least $40-50 the owner of the hotel called his neighbor who said he would run us back up to Echo Lake for $30, so we did that.

After getting to the trail we popped into the store there again. I am not sure if I mentioned it previously but when Chris dropped us off at the trail out of North Kennedy Meadows Pie forgot his trekking poles in the back of his truck. Turns out Chris had followed our progress to Echo Lake and called the store and told them about the poles, so the store offered to give Pie a set of poles that were left from other hikers throughout the years. Pie was also able to speak with Chris who offered to ship the poles ahead to my parents so he can get them later down the trail, Chris is the trail angel that keeps on giving, serious props for that cool dude!

We finally got back on the trail a little after 10am and knew we were going to have a bit of a long day ahead of us. We originally allocated 7 days for this stretch to Sierra City, which included a pop in to Soda Springs along the way. We think with a bit of diligence we can get this section done in 5 days though by skipping Soda Springs and adding a few miles each day. So today we ended up going from Echo Lake to mile 1113, which ended up being a 21 mile day all after 10am. We got into camp right at 8pm where we dropped gear, set up tents to hide from mosquitos, ate dinner and were in our bags by 9pm. As I write this it’s already far past my bedtime and we have another 20+ mile day tomorrow, so I will say goodnight and…


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