Day 76: Trail Magic at Highway 88

We needed to finish today with only about 10 miles to go to reach Echo Lake. That meant doing a 21 mile day to get to Showers Lake along the Tahoe Rim Trail, which overlaps with the PCT in this area.

We were cruising for most of the day and reached Highway 88, Carson Pass, at 3:30pm. When we got there the volunteers that were working the visitor information center had an ice chest out for PCT hikers where we had some fresh fruit, sodas and chips. It was a wonderful surprise. They said they closed at 4pm and they couldn’t keep food in the office because of animals so Pie, Me and 2 other groups of PCTers ate our fills before setting off again.

From the highway we only had about 5.5 miles to reach Showers Lake. On the way there my left eye started watering uncontrollably, nearly to the point of vision impairment. I had been dealing with some allergies earlier in the day with some breezy conditions on the higher ridges blowing the pollen from all the flowers around but this was definitely the worst of it. I was very relieved when we hit camp. I immediately fought the mosquitos in order to set up my tent, ate dinner and took an antihistamine that knocked me right out. I was in my bag by 7 and out by 7:30pm. I woke up a few times during the night so the sleep wasn’t solid but I eventually woke up in the morning feeling a bit better and ready to hike.


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