Day 75: Setting Up Our Echo Lake Drop

Since we learned that the Echo Lake post office is only open from 11am-2pm we decided we needed to set up to hit it at the right time. That meant cutting the 57 miles into 2 and a half days instead of 3 days of 19 miles. So today we set our sights on a 25 mile day.

The morning went pretty smoothly and we had done 10 miles by the time we reached a stream at noon and decided it was lunch time since the next water spot was around 5 miles off. After dipping our feet in the stream and eating our lunches we were back on the trail by 12:45pm.

The second half of the day went pretty swimmingly as well, until about the last mile of the day when the PCT was clearly re-routed. We followed the new trail which meant that the water and campsite waypoint from Halfmile that we picked as our endpoint wasn’t going to be on the trail anymore. We followed the new trail to the stream that our original camp spot was supposed to be on and the terrain on this trail was clearly not conducive for camping (read: muddy and mosquitoes abound). We continued up the trail for maybe a quarter of a mile before spotting a soft sloping hillside between two rock formations. The ground was kind of gravel and dirt but at least it was dry. This is where we set up camp. We could still hear the stream that was a quarter mile on the trail but we just b-lined down the hill and picked up the stream at the bottom of the slope. Once back at camp, we quickly set up our tents to hide from the mosquitoes. Then, for me, it was dinner and writing time and quickly approaching is bed time. We got in our tents just after 8pm so this was a full 12 hour day of hiking.


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