Day 74: Back to the Trail and 19 Miles

We awoke in our North Kennedy Meadows cabin around 6:30am and started getting our packs all situated. Once we were satisfied with the packs we headed over to the café for breakfast. After eating we picked up a couple last minute things from the store, including sandwiches for lunch, and we were ready to go. Fortunately, we got to hanging out without cabin neighbor the day and night before and he offered us a ride back to the trail so we didn’t have to hitch hike back up. Chris, our cabin neighbor, and his family were super awesome and hooked us up with some tri-tip and potatoes for dinner and had s’mores on the fire as well. Chris’ 8 year old son was pretty interested in the trail and said he wanted to do the PCT someday, he even came with us when Chris dropped us off back at the trail in the morning.

Getting the ride from Chris in the morning saved us a ton of time and we were back on the trail by 9am. Unfortunately, Pie forgot his trekking poles in the back of Chris’ truck and didn’t realize it until Chris had already picked up a couple of other hikers and was headed back down to Kennedy Meadows. Chris didn’t know it when he was coming up for the weekend but he became a trail angel pretty fast.

The hike itself today went pretty smooth despite Pie’s lack of poles. The first few miles was a bit of a climb to get up and over the first ridge away from the highway. When we started descending after reaching the top of the ridge we ran into a pretty good sized snow field. We almost made it down into the valley with dry shoes but this snow field was getting softer as the summer days get longer so we had some wet feet by the time we cleared it. Once we were down into the valley we had a little up and down but there trail was smooth and we were making some decent time. Despite starting after 9am as opposed to our usual 7-7:30am start time we still managed 19 miles for the day. We have about 57 miles to get to Echo Lake, which is 3 days of 19 miles each, but we may try and push for more the next 2 days to lighten the distance for the third day. Turns out that the post office at Echo Lake is only open from 11am-2pm, which has to be the best work schedule ever for whoever is manning that place. We will see what we get tomorrow but the trail so far in this stretch has been pretty smooth and easy to make miles on. Hoping for big days!


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