Day 68: Tuolumne Meadows

We had just 9 miles to ease into Tuolumne Meadows from our camp. The trail was pretty easy and slightly downhill into the campground, though they could have done some trail maintenance to help the water drain down to the stream as there were several spots where he trail was flooded out and there were footprints or small trails tread in the meadow around the flooded area. We passed about a 2 mile stretch where the old trail was closed for restoration, but it just seems that if you didn’t want people to tread on areas that were off trail you could put in some drainage areas in the trail, just seems to make sense.

Anywho, we made it to Tuolumne Meadows by 12:30pm, just in time to eat lunch at the cafe at the store. We indulged and replaced our packs with the other PCT hikers hanging out near the store. We killed so much time that we were actually able to grab another meal just before the cafe closed at 5pm. After that, we went back to the campground and had a great campfire in which we ate the s’more stuff I bought at the store for all the hikers, it was awesome!

Around 9 Pie and I headed to our tents as we were hiking out in the morning and I began writing this entry. We will likely hit the cafe once more in the morning before we shove off but we will be back in for about 5 days to North Kennedy Meadows next.


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