Day 63: Selden Pass and 23 Miles

After assessing our food situation last night we realized we packed enough food to get to VVR plus an emergency amount in case we were delayed. Given that we have been making better time than anticipated we were trying to figure out how to skip VVR with that amount of food. Well, to make it possible we needed a big day yesterday that we managed to get. We also needed a pretty massive day today which was definitely our longest of the Sierras.

We didn’t get out of camp until after 8am due to our long previous day. We had 10 miles to reach Selden Pass. Selden Pass was the cleanest pass we had seen so far, meaning there was almost no snow coming up he south side and just a couple of patches on the north face. That being the case, we were able to make good time getting up and over the pass.

After eating our lunch on the pass we made our way down past Marie Lake and eventually following and fording Bear Creek. After wading across Bear Creek around 4pm we decided we could make it to the VVR ferry trail junction for camp. This was still a very ambitious goal as that camp location was still 9.5 miles from Bear Creek.

We stopped at the Bear Ridge trail junction for dinner around 7:30pm and didn’t dawdle long after eating. We set off again by 8pm knowing we had just over 4 miles left to reach our camp goal. That distance typically translates into about 2 hours at our pace, especially at the end f a long day. We finally reached the steel bridge allowing us to cross Mono Creek that marked our camp goal just before 10pm. We quickly laid out our sleeping pads and bags and I got to writing this and now it’s definitely time for bed. We rocked out over 23 miles for the day and that included a pass as well. Reds Meadow is just 28 miles away from tonight’s camp so hopefully tomorrow we can have a more normal day knowing we will be in by lunchtime the following day. Today’s long distance took the food concern out of play for us, so that is a giant relief.


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