Day 61: No Passes

Today we didn’t go over a pass. We could have tried to get over Muir Pass but we would have arrived at the end of the day leaving our options to be sleeping in the stone hut on the top or coming down the north face late (typically that means soft slushy snow, similar to what we experienced on Mather Pass). Instead, we stayed in the valley we were in and camped near the middle fork of the Kings River. This allowed us to set up to hit Muir Pass in the morning when the snow will hopefully be firmer and we won’t be postholing up to our waists.

We did go by something of a monument for Pie today as well. We passed the Bishop Pass trail junction. This is the location of a trail story that involves Pie, a Pie and an old trail register box that isn’t there anymore. For the full story, ask Pie if it know him or you can find it in a book of trail stories about the PCT. I believe it is called the Pacific Crest Trail Reader or something similar to that.

We have 72ish miles to get to Red’s Meadow where our next supplies are located (and a cafe!). We are hoping to be able to skip the trip to Vermillion Valley Resort on this stretch and tomorrow’s mileage will really tell us whether that is going to be a possibility or not. If we can get up and over Muir Pass fairly quickly and have a strong mileage day we can make is happen. I sort of want to see VVR because I have heard it’s a bit of a weird place but also cutting out a day and getting to a non-trail meal sounds pretty awesome. We will see how tomorrow goes.


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