Day 59: Glen Pass

We camped about a mile and a half from Glen Pass and we were back to our usual routine of up around 6am out around 7am. I think I left camp at 7:15 and Pie was just a few minutes ahead of me. We got to the top of the pass in an hour and decided we should put our trail spikes on. When I went to put my first spike on I went out the strap around the rubber that fits over my shoe and the strap sliced right through the rubber, making it so the back of my spikes wouldn’t stay on my shoe. I was able to take the caribeaners that usually hold my solar panel on the outside of my pack and make a makeshift strap to hold the spikes on my shoe. Wasn’t ideal, but it worked in the pinch. I was glad to have the spikes too as the north face of Glen Pass was pretty icy and took us an hour to get from the pass down to the bottom.

Once off the face we shed out shotty spikes and headed on our way through Rae Lakes, which was beautiful. We originally thought we might be able to do two passes today and get over Pinchot Pass also. However, we kept descending and descending all the way down to elevation 8500 at the Woods Creek suspension bridge. This meant we had nearly 3700 to get up and over Pinchot Pass from there. Pinchot is listed just under 12,200. We ended up making it about 4.5 miles from the pass to a nice campsite where we had a fire with Night Shift, who was already there with the fire and who we hadn’t seen since Casa de Luna.

Another highlight of the day was our first water crossing where we couldn’t rock hop across. I got to use my crocs for their intended water crossing purpose and Pie used his sock and insole method of getting across. All in all, we got our feet wet and cold but made it across and thankfully I had a pack towel so we could dry our feet and get back on our way. Today was a good day but with a lot of up and down in elevation. We might be able to achieve the double tomorrow with Pinchot and Mather passes both within 15 miles of our camp tonight. Only time will tell.


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