Day 58: Errands on Owens Valley and Back to Trail

We awoke in our serviceable Mammoth hotel around 7:30am, which is a pretty good sleep in for Pie and I. These days off are starting to show on us.

We didn’t linger long before we were in the car and off to Red’s Meadow. When we arrived, we ate breakfast at the cafe there. Then we walked the 20 feet over to the general store and dropped our supply boxes off there. We will be back at Red’s Meadow on the PCT on about 8 days. With that bit of business taken care of we headed back south to Mammoth Mountaineering Supply to pick up a sleeping pad I had called and put on hold there the day before. I left mine at home after we used it to help simulate weight and space in Marissa’s pack while I was home. We were going to get her the same sleeping pad anyway so no real harm done. After picking up the pad we were ready to head back to Onion Valley to head back to the trail. First, we had to stop at Erick Schat’s Bakkery in Bishop for Sandy for tradition’s sake. She got a slice of cherry pie while Pie and I got sandwiches at the deli to pack in for a final fresh lunch.

We had roughly an hour from the bakery (I know the spelling here is different but I am American and spelling it like the Dutch more than once looks weird to me, sorry for the inconsistency here). After the drive we changed our of our civilian clothing (read: cotton) and hit the trail. It’s about 7.6 miles from the parking lot to the PCT and the doozy is getting up over Kearsarge Pass. After reaching the pass it was a downhill cruise into camp. We are set up to do Glen Pass tomorrow. The time off was amazing getting to crash a friend’s wedding and see Marissa, Sister and the rest but it’s great to be back on the trail and with some more favorable conditions than what we were dealing with before with the snow.


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