Day 53: Out Kearsarge Pass

We awoke on another cold morning in the Sierra’s with snow covering the ground after last night’s drop. We again were out of camp by 8am, this time with town food on the brain. We had only 4.5 miles to reach the Bullfrog Lake trail and then another roughly 8 miles to reach the Onion Valley Road parking lot where Pie’s son was waiting for us in his car. The hike was pretty smooth the whole way with the hardest part being the climb up to Kearsarge Pass to get up and out of the valley we spent the night in. The nice thing about this pass was that we were actually able to see at the top of it as there was finally no white out at a higher elevation for us. The hike down from the pass to Onion Valley Road was a breeze also with some great scenery of a few small lakes and a stream running through the valley.

Once down at the road, we met up with Pie’s son, Erik. We piled in his car and headed to the small town of  Independence for lunch. After filling our bellies we drove down highway 395 to Lone Pine to find a motel. This endeavor proved slightly difficult with the nearby town of Bishop holding their annual “Mule Days” event that had many of the hotels booked full. We eventually found a room at the Timberline Motel, which was adequate for the three of us but I would feel generous saying much more than that about it. We were able to walk across Main Street to the laundromat to give our smelly clothes a wash and after that, for dinner, the Pizza Factory was also across the street making it any easy place to fill up the bellies again.

Tomorrow we will head back to the trail. We aren’t thinking we need a super early start though, maybe get a nice breakfast and take our time and head back up around midday. Hoping for warmer weather ahead!


One thought on “Day 53: Out Kearsarge Pass

  1. Really admire you guys! Glad you enjoyed your stop in Lone Pine, one of my fav little Cali towns. Stay warm and dry and thanks for the blog so we can follow along on this amazing journey of yours!
    Marylou Roberts

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