Day 44: Kennedy Meadows!

We woke up right at 6am and I began boiling my water for oatmeal when I turned to Pie and said, “how cold so you think it is right now?” He replied, “it was pretty cold last night but I don’t know, doesn’t seem so bad right now.” I agreed but replied, “I only ask because I am fairly certain a few snow flakes just fell on me.”

This dialogue began our rush this morning as those few snow flakes turned into many more snow flakes. There wasn’t enough to stick to the ground and it really wasn’t all that bad but we didn’t want to let camp longer since we had decided to cowboy camp the night before and thus had no tents up to keep our gear dry. We were packed up and out of camp by 7am.

We had a pretty easy hike into Kennedy Meadows as far as terrain was concerned. The first 4 miles or so we dropped about 1000 feet in elevation and by the time we reached that point the snow that had turned to rain had all but gone. In another mile or so the sun started to come out and from that point on we had sunny albeit cool conditions the rest of the way in. After the 1000 foot drop it was relatively flat with just a negligible up and down in elevation the rest of the way. We walked into the Kennedy Meadows General Store at 1pm and got a round of applause from the other hikers on the deck as all the hikers do when they come in.

Now that we had made it to Kennedy Meadows our next goal was to get down the hill to the town of Ridgecrest where we would meet our wives to spend the weekend. First, we ate lunch at the general store where they served burgers and Italian sausages, both delicious. Pie secured a hitch down to Grumpy Bear’s Retreat, which is 3 miles down the road (literally just one road here) where we had a few drinks and killed some time shooting he shot with some locals. Then Pie secured a ride into Ridgecrest from one of the locals with a generous cash offer. All in all we made our way to town and await the arrival of Marissa and Sandy tomorrow night!


One thought on “Day 44: Kennedy Meadows!

  1. Hope you had a great time and reunion with your family and lots of food! Maybe then you won’t have to carry so much to the next destination with food. We had a little rain here today. Hope your weather was good and the bodies healed!
    Donna G.


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