Day 43: First Glimpse of the Sierra’s

I have to admit I slept pretty terribly last night. I kept waking up to the sound of the leaves rustling on the ground or something dropping from the oaks above. A few times I turned on my headlamp toward the direction of the noise in time to watch small mice scurry away from the light. Pie slept like a log through my battle with the rats of Nihm, good for him.

We set off from camp about 7:30am knowing that the day would somewhat mirror the previous day’s hike. We had 13 miles to water (yesterday we had 12) and 19 miles to camp (same as yesterday). The main difference turned out to be elevation. While yesterday’s hike started off with a climb that was pretty much it for the elevation gain that day. Today, however, we began with a small climb of about 1500 feet only to descend a few hundred feet to Fox Mill Spring and Creek. Here we did our usual eat lunch, nap, fill water bags routine (not necessarily in that order). After the spring, we headed off to camp with only 6 miles to go. The crux being those 6 miles included a nearly 2000 foot elevation gain.

At the top of the climb to camp we got our first views of the Sierra’s with some vast rolling hills in front of some towering ridges lined with rock domes, breathtaking. I took some photos on my phone but none of them turned out, unfortunately. On the bright side, once we came over the top of our climb we had a decline of a few hundred feet to come to a little used road. Off the road is where we camped and we made a pretty sweet campsite complete with fire ring and sitting logs (we made the ring ourselves cause we’re cool like that).



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