Day 41: Our Longest Day Yet

Once we had made the decision to cut the dry stretch into just 2 days we knew we had a long day ahead of us even after yesterday’s long day. It would take us 25.8 miles to reach Walker Pass Campground where there would be water either cached or at a cistern below the campground.

In order to get a good jump on the day we woke up right at 6am and got out of camp quicker than usual. Pie was out of camp by 6:30 while I left at 6:45. We had 6.6 miles from camp to get to a location that was rumored to have a water cache but was also said to be an unreliable water source. We didn’t count on the cache for water but we were glad to see that there was some water just off a road so we could take a break and drink a bit more than we had been.

From this cache, we had a 3.3 mile climb of about 1600 feet which made us even more grateful for the water to drink. Once at the top of the ridge we had a cruise, albeit a long cruise, but a cruise nonetheless as the terrain was relatively flat (some up and down but all within 100ft elevation). Finally, when we got to about 4.5 miles from Walker Pass we started a pretty big decent of around 1500 feet.

When we reached the campground we were delightfully surprised with not only water but a few coolers. One cooler had a variety of bread, another had peanut butter and jelly, and the last had a nice array of vegetables. I made myself a salad of baby spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and olive oil while Pie skipped the broccoli in favor of an avocado. After the salad we started a fire to use for cooking since we had a fire ring. Pie is nearly out of stove fuel and I am quite low as well. Since we weren’t able to get fuel while we were in Mojave. We are on track to arrive at Kennedy Meadows on Thursday afternoon/evening so the next couple nights of cooking could be interesting. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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