Day 36: Murphy’s Law

There once was a pessimist named Murphy and he theorized a law of the universe stating that what could possibly go wrong with a given thing will go wrong with said thing (more or less). Today, I feel like was one of those days for me.

First, I had been having some (delicately speaking) digestive issues from midday yesterday on. I assumed this was probably just too much trail mix (GORP), not enough water, the ibuprofen I take regularly or some combination thereof. I didn’t eat any GORP yesterday, drank plenty after getting water from the cache we slept near and cut out the vitamin I in hopes of righting the ship. Well, today I woke up congested, with a headache and the stomach didn’t have any improvements. I put down my usual 2 oatmeal packets for breakfast, which didn’t stay with me long. Then when we stopped for water after 6.6 miles I drank some Vitalyte That Pie had given me. On our lunch break I could only muster a shot block package for fear of afternoon difficulties.

So, by the time we arrived at our 20 mile mark for the day and proposed camp area, a dry water tank, to see that it was on a hill in the middle of another wind farm I was not only quite hungry but very disappointed that we had to go further. We ended up doing a total of 23 miles for the day to reach the low spot of the wind farm that has some trees for a (slight) wind block.

Once we got to camp I immediately cooked beef stroganoff and a pack of cold potato salad that Numbers (Cindy) had given me. I am hoping these will settle in the tummy better than anything else has the last 48 hours.

Tomorrow we have just over 8 miles to get to the highway where we can hitch to Mojave and get our supply box. Tomorrow is a new day.


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