Day 35: The Aquaducts

We lefty funky little Hikertown about a quarter past 7am. I was not looking forward to the day’s hike very much as it included some more road walking along the California and LA aquaducts. we also saw before we left that the Antelope Valley (the area of California we are currently in) has an active wind advisory through midday tomorrow that was to include 20-30 mph winds with gusts as high as 50 mph. Yuck.

Numbers (Cindy) was back in the mix as she road walked straight from Casa de Luna to hikertown, skipping the extra day it takes to rejoin the trail like we did. We all walked along the less than scenic aquaducts all day, taking breaks every few hours to hide from the sun as there was little shade cover. The only trees to speak of in the area were Joshua Trees which look cool but offer little protection from the midday sun. The wind wasn’t as bad as the advisory made it sound, though it was fairly constant and very rarely a strong gust would come along and give you a nudge.

We are set up at camp at mile 535, which is supposed to be Cottonwood Creek but that’s dry. Fortunately, there is a huge plastic drum of water that I think the hikertown folks cache and maintain which is super helpful and appreciated. Hopping to do 20 miles tomorrow and set up an easy 10 miles for Thursday to get to highway 58 and hitch into town.


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