Day 31: From KOA to Agua Dulce and Beyond!

We left the Acton KOA at around 8am this morning. We weren’t feeling particularly motivated to get a super early start like we had been since we only had to go 10 miles to Agua Dulce. We wanted I get to town before 1pm to get out of the sun for the hottest part of the day.

Mission accomplished! We reached Agua Dulce just after 12:30 and hunkered down at the Sweetwater Cafe. It was delicious! We then killed some time charging out phones and checking out the maps and water report (it looks pretty dry for some stretches coming up). We left town around 4pm hoping it would start to cook off a bit and we had the goal of going to mile 462 to set up just a 16 mile day to get into Casa De Luna trail house for the following night. We made it to that mile marker and found a nice camp under a couple trees at the top of the climb. Unfortunately, my left leg started hurting just a couple miles into our post-town hike. I hobbled on the last 3 or so miles to make the mile goal but was very glad to rest and elevate my leg. The area of pain is the exact same spot that was bothering me before paradise valley cafe that ended up with me hurting my knee due to over compensation. Hopefully the pain will have subsided in the morning but either way I plan to take it a bit easier tomorrow since we only have 16 miles to Casa De Luna.

The next couple weeks are going to be a bit of a water and heat maze. How far can we make it each day trying not to melt and stay hydrated and find water sources along the way. Not really looking forward to it to be honest. Can’t wait to get to Kennedy Meadows.

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