Day 30: Acton KOA!

Due to our long day yesterday we only had 17 miles to go to reach the Acton KOA campground. We woke up and pack up pretty quick and were on the trail by 7am. We reached the North Fork Ranger Station by 11am. At the ranger station they had a water cache and a cooler with sodas on ice and candy bars. We took a soda and a candy bar and left a donation in their jar.

We pushed on after a short break for the junk food and then reached the KOA by around 2pm. This place was awesome. We did laundry and showered. I didn’t have a towel but it was so damn hot I air dried in like 3 minutes. Then we ordered pizza and beer from a place in Acton that delivered to the KOA. This was a good day to be sure.

a pizza pie still counts as pie right, Pie?
a pizza pie still counts as pie right, Pie?
From here it is hot and dry until Kennedy Meadows, so I will enjoy this as long as I can.


3 thoughts on “Day 30: Acton KOA!

  1. Hi 🙂 I am now just beginning to follow you guys. Loved this picture of Gary. I can only imagine how good that pizza tasted to you! I have been to Kennedy Meadows. Wish I could be on the trail with you now but your days are looong! Keep on! Maureen Barrera


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