Day 29: Accidental 24 Mile Day

This entry will be short and sweet because the title says it all. Basically, we had a perfect camp picked out that was a nice even 20 miles away. However, turns out that Big Buck Trail Camp wasn’t on trail and we either missed it or it doesn’t exist anymore. Either way we had to walk another 4 miles until we finally found a spur trail leading up to an abandoned road. We slept on an abandoned road.

This was a sour note to end on after a pretty pleasant day. We crushed 16 miles to get to the Mill Creek Fire Station before 2pm. Then, thinking we only had another 4 miles (not 8), we stayed, ate, napped, and rehydrated for the next 2 hours so we could just cruise down the trail 4 miles into camp. Instead, once we got going we cruised for 4 miles, got mildly dejected and then trudged another 4 miles before we found a suitable camp. Tomorrow is a new day, and hey, we have 4 less miles to hike to get to the Acton KOA tomorrow. Side note, just realized I began and ended that last thought with the same word, just wanted to take a second to acknowledge that. Alright, we got in late so this is late and it is late. Must sleep.

One thought on “Day 29: Accidental 24 Mile Day

  1. We love your pictures and hearing that you are still on your way and have covered 500 miles!!
    Edwin and Donna


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