Day 28: Endanged Frogs Make Us Walk Road

Waking up at Little Jimmy was nice. The air wasn’t as cold as the day before and the wind had basically stopped. We are our breakfasts and packed up camp and we’re off before 7:30am.

From camp we hiked until we got to the first road crossing of the day. This day was tiring for a few reasons and not least of which was that the trail crosses highway 2 about 8 times today. That isn’t an exaggeration either, we literally crossed the road 8 times including the stretch where the trail was closed due to the endangered species trail closure. I am all for yellow legged mountain frogs, but I wish they knew how to survive better so we could have just walked the trail instead of walking nearly 3 miles of road and then having to take another trail back to the PCT.

Despite taking the alternate, we still managed to knock out 20.5 miles today. We actually did 21.5 of you count the 1 mile round trip to get water at some sketchy camp/resort that had a pool outside but when we talked to someone about filling up our water bottles and he tried to tell us they didn’t have water and he was a pirate, cue dueling banjos music. All that aside, we are camped at mile 403.5 (Three Points Trailhead).


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