Day 26: Back to the Trail; Onward and UPward

What a weird weekend it was going back to the kick off. We got scooped up at PCT mile 352, driven back to San Diego to do a quick load of laundry and shower, drove to Lake Morena for the kick off, got rained up for two days (oddly enough our first actual rain since leaving on the trip we had to drive like two and a half hours back home to be in, sweet), drove back to San Diego last night to dry out our gear in Pie’s garage, slept there, drove back to mile 352 and then hiked about 13 miles. That’s a really full weekend, but I am so glad that I got to spend it with my wife, everytime I get to see her even for a bit is the best. Don’t think I will see here again for about 3 weeks or so. Sad face 😦

Sorry about that, anyway…the hiking. Like I said we went back to 352 which was a small forest service road that we got picked up on prior to the kick off. We knew it was going to be uphill most of the day but I don’t think we remembered that it was going to be a 3000 ft elevation gain day. We were pretty grateful that we go picked up in the middle of that climb. The full elevation gain from Cajon Pass (the best Best Western) is 5200 feet (3000ft to 8200ft). So splitting that up was a happy accident. In the end, we mad it to Guffy Campground which has great views of the surrounding mountains, fire rings, picnic tables and outhouses. Pretty nice place to build a fire (which we did), eat dinner (duh), and PTFO by 8pm (guilty). Also, those that aren’t familiar with interwebs acronyms may need a note here letting them know that PTFO stands for Pass The F*** Out. Good, glad we are all up to speed now. That being said, I gotta put head to pillow (and obviously by pillow I mean my clothes sack).

Goodnight (or good morning or good afternoon depending on your reading habits) and Godspeed.

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