Day 23: Cajon Junction and a Nearo (Near Zero) Day

Today we woke up thankful that we put our tents up for wind protection as the dew was plentiful. The wind we were worried about lasted maybe an hour or two into the night and thankfully died down after that.

We reached camp right around 5pm, cooked and took to relaxation quickly. Around 6:30pm, Chris and Damien (who I hiked with the first day out of Idyllwild) rolled into the area and set up their tents to make our little area look like a cool little shantytown or Hooverville.

When we woke up this morning we did the usual eat breakfast, pack up and get rolling. Originally the plan was to hike the remaining 6.5 miles to Cajon Junction to get out boxes at the Best Western and then go on another 11 or 12 miles to set ourselves up to reach Guffy Campground outside of Wrightwood by noon to be picked up for the return to the kick off this weekend. However, when we reached the Best Western and started looking at the maps for that section we realized that the roads weren’t great to get into Guffy and we also would be hiking up 5000 feet to that campground over the next 16 hours or so. We then came up with the plan to stay at the Best Western for the night and then day hike 10 miles in the morning to an unpaved road where we could easily get picked up. So that’s what we did. We ate second breakfast (like very good hobbits) at McDonald’s before walking to the Best Western (and finding out we missed out on a Subway and a Del Taco, one of which will be dinner tonight) to spend the night. The PCT is hard stuff.

One thought on “Day 23: Cajon Junction and a Nearo (Near Zero) Day

  1. Hi guys been so busy working at kick off I’ve neglected reading my blogs. Now it’s over when I could have been looking for you today at lake Morena. That’s how it goes in the hiking world when everyone is on the move. Love following you.
    Hike on


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