Day 22: Mojave River Forks Campground to Mile 335

When we woke up at the campground we let ourselves sleep in some. We had been doing an up by 6am and out by 7 routine. We were only 30 minutes off from that but it sure felt good. After packing up camp we headed back on the not-really-a-trail back toward the PCT. We remembered that we passed a water tank on the way into camp last night so we made our way through the brush toward the water tank that would get us to the spot we left off on from the PCT, and we only had to hop one barbed wire fence today!

Once back on the PCT we wound our way down the trail eventually coming to a dam. Once passing the dam we started to climb up a bit and then over a ridge. At the top we got a great view of Silverwood Lake which had tons of water and soft beaches, really was a nice looking lake. The PCT went around the edge of the lake for quite a while and then finally over a ridge to another section of the lake. Eventually we descended into a picnic area on this back section of the lake. It was here that we took a rest (read: nap) and refueled for the final 6 or so miles of the day. Those miles went without a hitch and we cruised (read: limped or hobbled) into camp just after 5pm. Today was a great hike, I really enjoyed hiking around the lake and anytime you can steal an hour for a nap out here that is just about gold.

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