Day 21: Slackpack for 16 Then Back to Reality

We woke up pretty early today trying to get a good start to the day as Mel and Cindy (now going by Numbers for her constant attempts to call our mile mark 198 instead of 298) were going to start heading down south for their first session of the PCT Kick Off at Lake Morena.

We hiked from Splinter’s cabin at mile marker 298 to highway 173 after the Mojave reservior dam. This was at mile 314, and where Mel met us to pick up Numbers and head south. The hike itself was pretty easy and had some great scenery through the Deep Creek area.

After Mel and Numbers left us we hoisted up our full packs and headed on 4 more miles to the Mojave River Forks campground that was 3/4th mile off the PCT. This 3/4th mile was a bushwhack and we must have missed a turn cause we ended up at a house with horses and then the 173. We road walked up to the campground entrance and found nobody to pay or anybody else for the matter. We cooked, made a nice little fire to enjoy for a bit, and then called it a night.

PS sorry for the delay in posting phone is basically dead. Got enough solar power to turn on finally post.

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