Day 19: Slackpack From Mile 266 to Mile 281

Today saw the departure of our family from Big Bear. It’s always sad when they have to leave us but I am glad to take a rest day anytime my wife wants to take the weekend and hang out. I was heading out to slackpack with Cindy from mile 266 to mile 281 where Mel would grab us and take us back to a nearby campground. I said my goodbyes to Marissa and Sandy this morning before taking off.

Mel dropped Cindy and me off right around 8:30am and we told ourselves we were just going to take it easy since we had a day off in town. Turned out this part of the trail was a 15 mile cruise. Most of it was either flat or downhill and our “leisurely” pace ended up being 2.5 mph still. We knocked out our hike and finished right at 2pm.

After finishing Cindy, Mel and I hit a small store for a refreshment and then headed into town for pizza! After devouring our delicious pizza pies we headed back to a campground on the outside of town closer to where we left off on the trail and set ourselves up for the night.

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