Day 15: Hot and Up

Man, what a cliff hanger I left on yesterday. You had no idea if I was staying at Ziggy and the Bear’s for the night or pressing on to some other place. Now that’s how you sell copies of a free blog!

So, to catch you up. I did press on, in the wind (all the wind, 50 mph gusts), for 8 miles. This hike was the definition of a slog, it was hard, it sucked, it was up hill most of the way, it sucked. Then it brought me to Whitewater Preserve which was totally awesome. There was a wading pool, plenty of places for hikers to camp, running water, and actual restrooms. This place was the ritz as far as I could tell. The only thing that put a damper on it was the fact the wind was still gusting at 40-50 mph in the canyon we were in. For this reason I decided to forgo the tent cause it would just flap all night. Instead I put my sleeping pad and bag under a picnic table as a wind break. I have to say, that was the best I have slept on the trail. There may be something to this natural shelter business.

the view from under my natural shelter
the view from under my natural shelter
I miss you picnic table
I miss you picnic table

From Whitewater I had a goal of mile 235 (whitewater is at mile 219 for reference). While 16 miles isn’t exactly setting the world on fire it did come with a 4000 foot elevation climb, in the desert, so that was fun. I will spare you the details as most of them involve lizards again, although I was reminded of my favorite dinosaur jokes today:

“What do you call a blind dinosaur?”
-A Doyouthinkhesaurus
“What do you call a blind dinosaur’s dog?”
-A Doyouthinkhesaurus Rex

Special thanks to Jurassic Park for those gems.

I have absolutely no service at camp as I write this so hopefully tomorrow sometime I have enough to send this out and text my wonderful, beautiful, loving and amazing wife who I haven’t been able to assure I am alive in a day and a half.

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