Day 14: More Lizards! And All the Wind :(

Last nights camp was a windy one to say the least. I got maybe 4 hours of pretty choppy sleep despite being in my bag for about 11 hours, oof. I broke down camp and was on the trail by 7:30am. I needed to go 4 miles to the next water, which I arrived at around 9am. I was pretty low (read: basically out save an emergency sip) of water when I got there so I spent a good 40 minutes or so filling up my water bottles and drinking delicious delusion water.

The water faucet was the first glorious thing I saw (other than lizards everywhere still) when I had finally come down off the ridges and made it to the desert floor. Oh yeah, back to the lizards for a second. I realized something this morning: lizards are just dinosaurs, really. I came up with a new theory about dinosaurs based on this realization. What if, just hear me out here, but what if, that giant asteroid didn’t kill all the dinosaurs and it mimicked the laser from “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and just shrank them all? Wait, wait, don’t leave…seriously, what if there is a lizard Rick Moranis out here tryin to figure out how to get them all back to normal size and retake the earth? I was all for lizards when I thought they probably weren’t racist but now I think we might need to keep an eye on them going forward.

Sorry about that, after the water fill up I headed out across the desert floor. That is when the wind started in. All the way from that water spot (mile 205) to Ziggy and the Bear (trail angels at mile 211) it was just relentless. When I got to Ziggy and the Bear’s around 12:30pm I just needed a break from the wind to eat my lunch. I looked on my weather app and there is a wind advisory in place for this area with gusts of 40-50 mph, and I believe it. Haven’t decided if I am going to press on in the wind or just hang here and hope it’s better tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 14: More Lizards! And All the Wind :(

  1. This trip is helping you find your passion….maybe writing…science fiction writing! With your imagination and writing ability, you can do it!
    Hope you are well, Jon! Hugs!

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