Day 13: From Snow to Sand

Today was a bit more productive as far as trail miles go, I managed roughly 18 today. I will have to up that figure if I am going to catch up to Pie and Ice Cream before the kick off in two weeks as I am sure they are still knocking out 20+ days left and right.

I did most of my hiking today solo as my companions from yesterday were a little slower on the pace. I didn’t mind the solo hiking, gives lots of time to think about things.

Today’s solo hiking weird thought: Do you think lizards are racist or that there are racist lizards? See I was walking along the trail after probably 10 miles of hiking alone and almost stepped on a lizard in the trail. He was just lounging in the trail doing lizard stuff and I was just doing hiker stuff and we almost had a nasty mishap. Fortunately I saw him just in time and stopped my foot, giving him the time to scurry into the brush. We parted as equals. Then I began to realize that lizards were basically everywhere on this part of the trail as I made my way down from San Jacinto wilderness and into the more desert climate below. I started noticing green lizards, tan lizards, black lizards and horned lizards. This made me think, if a green lizard and a black lizard share a rock is that taboo? Or maybe that’s how the tan lizards were made, I don’t know. I am no lizard expert but I like to think that lizards aren’t racist, I am pretty sure I saw some greens and tans and blacks all hanging on the same rock at one point. But who knows I was alone for like 12 hours today.

Anyway, I am at mile 201 for the night. Made it most of the way through a dry 20 mile stretch and still have a few liters for the morning. The next water is at mile 205 so should be all good.

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