Day 9: Idyllwild, Pie and Ice Cream are hardcore

So with most hikers we talked to opting to hitch from the cafe to Idyllwild I had no reservations about waiting around to rest my leg at our campsite at Lake Hemet. Pie and Ice Cream decided they were going to walk an alternate of their own which included some road, some trail and finished with a way into town via May Valley Road.

I propped my leg up for the morning and waited for Marissa and Sandy (wife and mother-in-law) to come scoop me up on their way to town, this would serve as my hitch into town. Pie and Ice Cream left around 8:30am and the girls got to me around one tent tear down, one round of answering texts and emails and three book chapters later…I mean, roughly noon.

We then drove up to Idyllwild and figured out where the other two were. We picked them up somewhere on May Valley Road where they will finish up their hardcore dirt road walk into town. Here is where we will stay with our families until probably Sunday morning.

Some people have contacted me about the trail names: if I have one, how/why we got them, etc. Since we will be relaxing the next couple days I will hopefully post something tomorrow about them.

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