Day 7: It Still Hurts…

We woke up at 6am this morning to hit the trail and hopefully make it to mile 140 which would make for a 21 mile day. We cruised through the morning and made it about 9-10 miles to a water/trail angel spot by 10:30am. We stopped in to get some water and get a break from the wind that had been hitting us all morning. After an hour at mike herrera’s trail angel shack we headed on.

We were cruising along pretty good again until I got to a point where I could barely put any weight on my left leg. The leg had been irritated before but by the time we reached roughly 17 miles on the day the pain was pretty intense and I had developed a good limp. The next water on the trail was at mile 137, which was less than a mile away. We took a break and then I hobbled down the trail to the junction for tule spring, our water spot. Pie and ice cream went down to the water that was about a quarter mile off the trail while I scoped out potential campsites closer to the trail. There was a decent spot just about 50 yards up from the road leading to the water (coyote canyon road). It’s there where we mad camp earlier than we were hoping, because of another injury to me. I am hoping it’s a minor injury and I will be able to knock out the 15 miles we have to make it to the paradise valley cafe tomorrow and meet Pie’s friend, Marty for lunch there. I am a bit discouraged with the injuries I’ve had so far and am really feeling like I am slowing the team up, mostly because I am. I am determined to complete what I have started but don’t want to be a burden to the others to do it. They are the ones that have to stay on schedule to get back to work and school on time. I just hope the things I have been dealing with clear up soon so I can stay with the crew, I would hate to have to peel off because I can’t keep up and am slowing the others down.

I guess we will know a lot more based on how tomorrow goes.

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