Day 4: More Miles for Gary and Lora and Disappointment for Jon

I woke up in Borrego Springs wondering what adventure I missed in the trail this morning as we left Gary and Lora at mile 59.5 of the PCT last night. They hiked on for what we estimated to be about 4 or 5 miles and then joined a campfire already in progress to set up camp for the night. In the morning, they knocked out the remaining 14 or so miles to make it to scissors crossing by noon. We had a nice long lunch layover at the stagecoach trails store area just 3 miles down the road.

I was really hoping that by takin the last day off and let my blisters dry out and heal that I would be able to rejoin them for the next stretch. Unfortunatlt, since I have about 3 blisters right on the central part of the ball of each foot I still wasn’t able to put enough weight on my feet to carry a pack. Now I will have to make up a two day stretch instead of just a single day. That means I likely won’t complete that section until September once we get done up north. On the plus side, my blisters have improved and I should be able to get going when we are set to head out from barrel springs. The weirdest thing is that I have never had blister issues on any of our training hikes even on hot days carrying a pack with my usual shoes on, I am hoping that once I get this current situation under control that I will be past the worst of it. So frustrating to plan for so long and pour all your energy into something and then have to sit out for two days. Can’t wait to get back on the trail.

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