Day 2: Lake Morena to Thing Valley Road

Day two started with a cold awakening at Lake Morena as the frost had covered just about everything. We took time to pack up camp and prepare our packs before heading to the market/cafe just outside the campground for breakfast. After breakfast we went back down and joined the north bound trail with the family who hiked with us for about 4 miles to the Buckman Springs road bridge where they had parked a car earlier in the morning. From there the three thru hikers headed north once again.

Our midday break came right around kitchen creek falls, which was dry. Before that we all got a pretty rude awakening when we crossed paths with a day hiking couple that included a normally clad female hiker and a not at all clad male hiker. It didn’t appear to be his first time in this practice as tan lines were nonexistent. Soon after packing up after our break we headed north again toward kitchen creek road. Just before the road we ran into a military group apparently running drills in the area. At least, that’s what we hope the guy crawling through the bushes with his service rifle was doing. We moved quickly on with the hike.

The theme of the day for me (Jon) was blisters. Two weeks before I had tried a new mid height boot that left me with a few hot spots on each foot. Those hot spots resurfaced and despite my efforts were full blown blisters by the time we split from our family this morning. Needless to say that didn’t make for a fun day for me and I was lagging behind Lora and Gary for the rest of the day. I am the weakest link.

Tonight we head to the family cabin and I will have to try and clean up these blisters to make it manageable for tomorrow. Good luck future me.

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