Training Hike: North and South Fortuna from Jackson Drive Lot

We’ve already talked about the importance of local hikes as training hikes when preparing for a thru-hike like the Pacific Crest Trail, and this hike is a variation of one of the hikes described within that article. The destinations for this hike are the Mission Trails Regional Park peaks of North and South Fortuna, however, instead of coming from the San Diego River Dam parking lot and climbing to the saddle to then branch out to each peak we’ll be taking a different approach.

First, we parked our cars and set up our packs at the Jackson Drive parking lot (where Jackson Drive meets Mission Gorge Road). For this hike we took along some pack weight to keep acclimating to the weight. Each hiker was carrying around 20-25 pounds on this local training hike. After we got our packs on we started out into the park moving north through the central part of Mission Trials Regional Park. This brings us to the San Diego River Crossing, which most of the time isn’t much of a challenge, however, the water wast flowing pretty good this time out due to a recent rain that hit the week before. While this still wasn’t exactly a difficult water crossing it was enough to get our feet wet right off the bat. After crossing the river we moved up a hill moving toward the northwest side of the park. After a while we reached our turn off trail which changes our direction northeast to meet up with the trail for North Fortuna that comes up from the northern edge of the park near the 52 freeway. We follow this trail past a sign that marks what apparently is West Fortuna, more of a mound than a peak, and eventually meet up with the North Fortuna Summit trial. We climb from the junction of these trails to the peak of North Fortuna.

This is the first peak in our hike and we’ve reached it right around the 4 mile mark or so. This will also be the highest point of today’s hike as South Fortuna is a bit lower. From the North Fortuna peak, we descend toward the saddle between the two peaks heading south from North Fortuna. This part of the trail directly overlaps with the write up of the first hike’s write up linked to earlier in this post, so I’ll skip ahead to us at the peak of South Fortuna. Since we parked at the Jackson Drive parking lot and not the dam, we’ll have to go up and over the South Fortuna Summit to what is known as “The Stairs.” The Stairs are called that because they are a set of quite steep rocks and wooden inserts that form stairs climbing up the southwestern face of South Fortuna. We all agreed that it would probably be easier going up them than going down them but we’ve already sealed our fates as we have come nearly to the end of the training hike. We scramble down The Stairs and meet up with the original trail that brought us into the central part of the park at the bottom. We follow this trial back to the San Diego River Crossing area, where Gary tried out his ‘ultralite river crossing method.’ This consists of taking off his socks and shoes and removing his shoe insert in order to put the insert into his sock and then wear his socks and insert to ford the river, rather than jumping rocks as Lora and Jon did. This method, I assume would work well if you had an extra pair of socks to let the others dry out but I’ll be carrying water crossing slash camp shoes for those types of crossings that don’t allow for a completely dry crossing. After this second crossing it’s just another half mile or so back to the car.

Despite this hike reaching two peaks we’ve already done multiple times during our training hikes it was nice to mix up the direction and trails we used to reach the peaks. It’s always good to mix things up as it keeps the mind active and potentially provides a new or different challenge for your body’s muscles. Here are the stats for this training hike:

North and South Fortuna in Mission Trail Regional Park in Preparation for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).
North and South Fortuna in Mission Trail Regional Park in Preparation for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

One thought on “Training Hike: North and South Fortuna from Jackson Drive Lot

  1. Super important that you are carrying weight for your training hikes. That is awesome! Keep up the work. Just training at all puts you ahead of the game, we knew lots of people on the AT who didn’t train at all….

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